Heart for the Homeless’: It’s Your Move (Stop-Motion Video)

About This Project

What would you do with 8 Ikea boxes, 5 cereal boxes, 18 LED torches, 47 batteries, 2 cameras and 900 hours?

Many of us would be stumped with a question like that but the team at The Lume decided to take 2500 photos of 450 cardboard cut-outs in an effort to simultaneously build something beautiful and creative while helping to bring resources to those in need. They devoted a lot of meticulous work and creative energy in making a 60 second stop-motion video to promote the work of local charity Heart for the Homeless.

To support the awareness around the launch of ‘It’s Your Move’, the team at Heart for the Homeless approached John Cavallaro and the creative minds at The Lume to help construct a 60-second stop-animation video, titled “Cardboard City: It’s Your Move”.

“It was a great learning curve for us as we had never done stop-motion or built a miniature set before,” said Mr Cavallaro.

“I sought the advice of several of the world’s leading stop motion animators who had worked on movies like Caroline, and the new Lego movie. Most of the time we felt like big kids playing with toys.” According to Mr Cavallaro, the team at The Lume got behind the idea because they believed in the Heart for the Homeless cause.

“When I met with Leighton and heard about his cause, I loved the idea,” remarked Mr Cavallaro.

“The simplicity of the idea and authenticity of all involved is inspiring and I hope that it continues its rapid growth across Australia.”

“Ideally, I would love to really see this charity become recognised in the public consciousness,” said Mr Cavallaro.

To find out more about the services of Heart For The Homeless, visit bit.ly/1mCSUvK